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Three Star Daily: LA Galaxy Set Up By Robbie Keane

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Good morning Galaxy fans! Good result last night, if not the most exciting match. Although the team no longer has the "we've been in first since day one" advantage they had last season, their recent run of form has them looking top of the league. Let's take a look at what the broadsheets had to say about last night's festivities:

Robbie Keane sets up Galaxy's 2-0 win over Vancouver -
He has a hand on goals by Juninho and David Beckham to help give L.A. its 10th victory in 15 games. The Galaxy is one victory out of second place in the MLS Western Conference.

Lots of heart, not enough ideas
Vancouver Province - Online source for Vancouver news, sports, entertainment, crime, politics, weather and more.

Seattle takes on Dallas at the same time that San Jose takes on Chivas today, 4:00 PDT. The Chivas-SJ tilt will be on NBC Sports Network, Seattle Dallas on MLS Live.