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United States Men's Soccer Secure First Win In Mexico

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It's not often that victories get to be historic, but the United States defeating Mexico in Mexico City for the first time ever definitely deserves the title. In 25 attempts, the US never managed to secure a win in their most hostile territory, but under Jurgen Klinsmann, and with Mexico celebrating a gold medal in the Summer Olympic Football tournament, the US has finally forced Mexican fans to throw beer/urine at Ian Darke.

That may seem like stream of consciousness babbling, but it's just the way American soccer is now. Ian Darke, a UK citizen, calls the matches of the US National Team for ESPN. The US are coached by German Jurgen Klinsmann. The match winning goal was scored by a Mexican-American player in Liga MX. That's the American way.

Though the Mexican newspapers had Chicharito and Landon Donovan on the cover, it was FC Dallas star Brek Shea and Michael Orozco who factored on the matches only goal. Brek Shea nutmegs a defender, then throws a pass into the goal area that Boyd backheels and Orozco finishes. It's worth a watch.

It's the goal that made history. No other version of the United States national team has ever managed a victory in Mexico and Landon Donovan wasn't on the pitch. It was a rising star in MLS, and Michael Orozco of San Luis in Liga MX that pushed in a goal while Chicharito was still in the match. Born in Orange, now scoring in Estadio Azteca.

It was just a friendly, but you could tell it meant a great deal. For the first time ever the US can say "the Azteca isn't so bad, remember that time Tim Howard kept a clean sheet with amazing saves and then we managed a 1-0 victory?". It's a pretty good day for US soccer.