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David Beckham and Landon Donovan to Participate in MLS All Star Game, Not Tottenham Match

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The powers that be have announced that David Beckham and Landon Donovan will miss the LA Galaxy friendly against Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday and instead participate in Wednesday's MLS All Star Game. Donovan has played against Tottenham before while on loan with Everton, and Beckham trained with Tottenham in the offseason before the 2011 season. Robbie Keane, who made 41 appearances for Spurs and scored 11 goals for them over two seasons, will be the lone DP in the friendly.

Reports came out on twitter early this morning that Landon Donovan was in Philadelphia for MLS All Star Game practice. Reports soon followed that David Beckham was in London for an adidas signing event. When Beckham will arrive in Philadelphia is unknown.

Keane had an interesting go while at Tottenham, spending part of his contract loaned out to Celtic in 2010 and West Ham United in 2011. West Ham were relegated after Robbie's time with them, and soon after he was sold to the LA Galaxy. Keane is one MLS goal shy of matching his goal total total with Spurs, though he did score 14 additional goals while on loan.

The Tottenham/Galaxy tilt doesn't even appear on's schedule, as it's not a part of the WFC. It is being broadcast locally on KDOC, not nationally like the MLS All-Star Game. So it's not surprising the powers that be chose to send Beckham and Donovan to the ASG instead of the friendly.