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Landon Donovan Leads Galaxy In Match Impact, Keane Close Behind

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The LA Galaxy had a great team victory last night. As is our custom at LAG Confidential, this morning we are going to look at who were the key contributors on offense, using a metric called match impact rating. It's no surprise that Landon Donovan stands proud atop the team in MIR.

Landon Donovan had the biggest impact on the match last night, finishing with a 90.6 in match impact rating. With his two goals that's no surprise, especially since one of the match winner and the second the insurance goal. The only thing Donovan didn't do right was earn a yellow card for a foul in the 53', which earns him a suspension for yellow card accumulation.

Robbie Keane scored the opening goal, then assisted on Landon Donovan's match winner. No surprise then that he finishes second in match impact rating with 76.

David Beckham had an assist on the opening goal, and the initial assist on Donovan's match winner. He also took the corner kick that eventually led to Donovan's second goal. A bit of a behind the scenes match after Beckham was on such a hot scoring streak. Still, it was good for a match impact rating of 60.25.

Speaking of behind the scenes, it's easy to forget Juninho was credited with the first assist on Robbie Keane's goal. He finished with an MIR of 49.25. Fellow Brazilian Marcelo Sarvas was right behind him with 45.6

One thing the Galaxy didn't do much of in this match was earn fouls in areas that were close enough for Beckham to take a shot on goal. He did take one in the 68' that was right at Dan Kennedy. Juninho earned that foul. The corner kick that Donovan scored on was conceded by a Dan Kennedy save of a Marcelo Sarvas shot about thirty yards out that was dead on at the top far corner.

Match Impact Rating is given to LAG Confidential graciously by Patrick Johnson of Yahoo! and SB Nation.