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One Year Ago Today: Josh Saunders Elbows Steven Lenhart in the Face

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It was the day of the CONCACAF Gold Cup final. I was waiting in front of the Rose Bowl press entrance, as the guards were not opening the gate. Grant Wahl was there, with his sport coat pulled above his exposed head. A group of United States fans were singing in front of a line of Mexico fans. It was uncomfortably hot.

Finally we got in and I got up to the press box to see that Donovan Ricketts wasn't in goal. He had left the match with an injury, the details were fuzzy. There was Josh Saunders, picking up the ball. Lenhart knocks it out of his hands, because he used his head he thought he had gotten away with something cute and not cheated. Lenhart got a yellow for his actions, but Saunders got a red for fending off Lenhart with his elbow while reaching for the ball. Look at the lead photo, in still it looks like a WWF punch.

This is when the legend of Mike Magee was born. With no keepers left on the bench, Magee had to come in to goal. He made four saves as the Galaxy were able to hold on for a 0-0 draw. Some guy on the internet started the hashtag #MikeMageeFacts. It lives on to this day.