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Robbie Keane Pays Tribute to James Nolan After Goal

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After Robbie Keane took the pass from Landon Donovan, and dribbled through two defenders on his way to strike on goal, he sprinted toward the sideline. It's a move fans have seen before, and many expected him to cartwheel, tumble, and shoot his excitement. However, he didn't still he got to the sideline, and was handed a custom jersey from one of the coaches.

It's common from forwards in soccer to have t-shirts under their shirt with a message they wish to convey to the world should they score. The custom Galaxy kit Keane held up had a simple, classy message "RIP James Nolan". Nolan was a 21 year old Irish fan from County Wicklow who traveled to Poland with friends to watch the Euro 2012 tournament.

James Nolan went missing last Sunday, and his body turned up in a canal in North Poland on Sunday. The drowning was ruled accidental. Robbie Keane, captain of the Irish team, made a point of calling his family and offering his condolences. An extremely classy move, which shows to the character of the man made Galaxy vice-captain this year.

"It was for a young fan who went to Poland, 21 years of age, he drowned," said Robbie Keane. "It was very, very sad. I called his father today to send my condolences, send my thoughts to him and his family. Irish people are very close and stick to each other through good times and bad times. He was a big soccer fan and it was a shame, it was just a bit of respect really. I may give (the) shirt to his father, if he wants it."

On another note, when Landon Donovan came off just before stoppage time last night, he took off the armband and gave it to David Beckham. Beckham immediately walked over to Robbie Keane, holding out the armband, but Keane told Beckham to put it on. Great to see that level of camaraderie amongst the Galaxy's three DPs.