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LA Galaxy Defeat Portland Timbers 3-1, Juninho Does Samba

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The LA Galaxy defeated the Portland Timbers 3-1 tonight at The Home Depot Center, on the strength of a Landon Donovan equalizer, a Juninho go ahead goal, and David Beckham putting the icing on the cake. Beckham and Juninho both opened their register for the season tonight, and both of them with possible goal of the week candidates. It might not have been the goal Galaxy fans wanted, but it was the goal Galaxy fans needed.

Beckham's goal will probably make the goal of the week register. His shot from outside the box left his foot, screamed through the air, and nestled into the near corner. He rushed to the corner flag and slid in on his knees, a triumphant pose.

Juninho's goal was less goal of the week material, but it did sent the HDC into quite a tizzy as three points became a reality. His roller through the box beat Troy Perkins, who had proven quite worthy on the day up to that point.

Landon Donovan got the equalizer just before halftime, which settled things after a shaky start for the defense. New defender David Junior Lopes made his debut, looking good with Tommy Meyer in the back together.

More tomorrow, but for tonight, celebration.