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Catch the LA Galaxy’s 2011 MLS Cup triumph Thursday on demand

Re-live the wet title-winning night.

2011 MLS Cup - Houston Dynamo v Los Angeles Galaxy

Are you interested in watching an LA Galaxy MLS Cup victory? Do I have a treat for you.

Along with various broadcasters and other outlets, MLS has been streaming classic games from league history during the coronavirus shutdown. On tap Thursday evening is the 2011 MLS Cup, at the then-Home Depot Center between the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo.

This was the first MLS Cup I attended in person, having the wonderful luck to buy the tickets months in advance, only for the night to end up being cold and rainy and needing to drive all over town to buy ponchos. Southern California!

The game was maybe not the most brilliant technical display we’ve ever seen in the sport, which between that and the weather may have led to people sitting behind me who claimed to be Galaxy fans quietly discussing where they were going to dinner after the game, not in the least bit excited to be watching their team win a title game. It takes all kinds but that is one of my most memorable moments from that game.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if the game is...tight, when your team wins it’s a blast to watch. It was the Galaxy’s first MLS Cup in six years, led to a domestic double in 2011, and helped usher in a new mini-dynasty over the next few years in MLS.

And you can watch it, starting at 5 pm PT on Thursday, and available on demand afterwards. The game will be on YouTube, and we’ll pop in the stream below here when it’s live, before the scheduled kickoff. And I’ll be in the comments below if you want to talk it through, as I’ll be watching.

What do you think? What are your memories of 2011 MLS Cup? Let’s chat in the comments below.