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Video: LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first interview

“I look forward to conquering the U.S.”

LA Galaxy

Inside a darkened studio, the clip begins with new LA Galaxy signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic studying the lion used in the hype video.

How will the Galaxy use Ibra?

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“It’s a beautiful one” declares an intrigued Ibra before probing the productive crew for more details. How old is the lion? What is the lion being fed?

“He looks 12 years” adds Zlatan in his trademark rasky voice, offering his knowledge on lions before giving the director pointers, all the while laughing with the crew. Finally the imposing 6’5” figure dressed from head to toe in the 2018 LA Galaxy uniform sat down next to an all-black Calen Caler, and the interview was on.

It’s a fascinating interview, so we won’t reveal the rest. Watch and enjoy.

Former MLS Player and host of “The Movement” Calen Carr sits down with Zlatan Ibrahimović for his first interview as a member of the LA Galaxy.