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Baxter: Sources claim Zlatan Ibrahimovic announcement could come next week

The Corner of the Galaxy podcast and an under-the-radar Sigi Schmid interview provide more clues

Manchester United v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Kevin Baxter is just as sick of the Zlatan rumors as the rest of us. As he explains early on in the latest Corner of the Galaxy podcast with Josh Guesman, the reliable LA Times beat reporter swore off talking about the Manchester United forward altogether.

So when Baxter enthusiastically brought up the 36-year old, we were listening. According to sources close to the club, a deal is very close and could even be announced in the next week.

The timing is ripe for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to make a stateside move. Jose Mourinho has already given Ibra his blessing to switch clubs, and with Manchester United knocked out of the Champions League there is little incentive for the Swede to stick around much longer.

Furthermore, an announcement next week would nicely coincide with all the attention surrounding the Los Angeles derby. If there’s a better way for the Galaxy to steal the spotlight from LAFC, I haven’t thought of it.

This isn’t the first time Zlatan has been brought up recently. Not too long ago Sigi Schmid sat down with Max Bretos in the Heineken Boot Room. When pressed about Ibramovic, the Galaxy boss had an interesting response.

Not that acquiring Ibra would be a walk in the park: LA have to free up an international spot among other things. But there are signs that suggest the Zlatan saga could finally be coming to an end soon.