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Leslie Jones’ top MLS playoff tweets

The stand up comedian loves the playoffs. And Tim Howard.

Premiere Of Sony Pictures' 'Ghostbusters' - Arrivals

No, really. You gotta check out her Twitter feed.

The female stand-up comedian and actress of “Ghostbusters” and SNL fame is by no means a shy personality, and she has been sending out hillarious tweets all day while watching today’s playoff games, probably curled up in a nice throw blanket while sipping hot chocolate no doubt.

Here is just a sampling of the fun, which includes a few tweets from the LA Galaxy Colorado Rapids as well. (Spoiler alert: Leslie likes Tim Howard)

Ok, so maybe Jones has got a big giant crush for the legendary U.S. National Team goalkeeper, but c’mon, he’s Tim Howard.

As MLS becomes more and more popular in American circles, you can expect to see more celebrities voicing their support. Soccer is already hitting the mainstream: I know this because I can run to 7-11 and buy a Big Gulp with Gyasi Zardes’ face on it.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on Leslie.