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LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake: Three questions

Three questions on Real Salt Lake

MLS: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy
LA Galaxy host Real Salt Lake on Wednesday night.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We interviewed Randal Serr from RSL Soapbox ahead of the Knockout Round match.

Here’s what he had to say:

Real Salt Lake have been in a bit of a slump, win-less in their last seven, how do you get out of that funk and knock the Galaxy out on the road?

For me, it just takes one, singular stroke of luck to feel good again. If RSL can get a goal from one of their forwards, a weight will be lifted and their confidence could return very quickly.

Real's problem over the past seven games has been partially bad luck, but mostly inability to finish on quality chances. It seems to have devolved into a mental block. It's not that the chances aren't there. They absolutely are there. They just aren't getting into the net.

The defense hasn't been playing too bad. They had as many shutouts in the last seven games as they did all season. So one goal from our forwards, that's all it should take to break down the wall.

Javier Morales did not have his best season with Real Salt Lake this year, are his days numbered?

It's interesting because Morales still has incredible games where he creates what seems like a million scoring chances. Then he'll have a clear look at goal and miss. The difference between the Morales of years past and the Morales now is the inability to convert in big moments and be a threat both in the pass and in goal-scoring ability. He used to be a bigger threat than he currently is. It's not that he's out of shape or his body won't allow him to do what he wants to, he's just not contributing as much as he once was statistically.

What does it mean to have Yura Movsisyan as a permanent member of Real Salt Lake? What does he bring each time he steps out onto the pitch?

Yura is very experienced having played on some very big stages. He was a key member of Spartak Moscow and scored some invaluable goals for his national team.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake
Yura Movsisyan is a permanent member of Real Salt Lake now.
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Having him as a permanent member of Real Salt Lake gives him stability and peace of mind. He is someone who you should give his club at the very least 10 goals a season. He's capable of giving you almost 20 goals a season. He has said himself that the transition back to MLS has been a bit harder than he anticipated, but now that he has a good season back in the U.S., he should only get better now that he's back in a comfort zone. He's a new face of the franchise.