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The Angel City Brigade announces a boycott

Following sanctions from the league, the Angel City Brigade are issuing sanctions of their own.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent Facebook statement, the Angel City Brigade have responded to recent sanctions levied against them following an incident involving streamers being thrown during the run of play during MLS Cup.

As many of you know, last month the Angel City Brigade was sanctioned by Major League Soccer, LA Galaxy front office and Stub Hub Center. As a reaction for a few individuals throwing streamers onto the field during the field of play at the MLS Cup 2014, the entire group will not have supporter privileges for the first eight home/away games and streamers have been banned for the entire 2015 season.

Supporter privileges entail,drums, flags, banners and the ability to stage tifo, just to name a few. In response to what they see as unfair treatment by the Galaxy and league, the Angel City Brigade are issuing sanctions of their own.

We are calling on ALL ACB supporters & Galaxy fans around the stadium to stand with us and not purchase any concessions, merchandise and parking for the 4 home games that we are sanctioned for:

3/6 vs Chicago
3/21 vs Houston
4/12 vs Seattle
4/18 vs Sporting KC

We have outlined some solutions to help attain these goals

Carpool with friends who have already paid for their parking pass
(There are many out there)
Carpool with friends regardless of a pass.
Park at alternative areas other than SHC

Eat and drink your fill at the picnic
ACB will bring food, snacks and waters to these first 4 tailgates
SHC allows all fans to bring sealed bottled water and small snacks into the stadium, pack a goodie bag!
Event policies here:

Wait until the 5th match of the season on 5/2 to purchase any gear through Team LA or the MLS Gear online shop

The stated reasons for the boycott are numerous and can be read within the announcement linked above. In short, they revolve around what they believe to be unfair double sanctioning of events they have already been sanctioned for, coupled with what they see as unfair targeting by the league. There is a lot on this story that we can not report yet, but we will provide much more background and context in a piece to be published in the coming weeks.