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LA Galaxy announce plans for StubHub! Center's future

The LA Galaxy have announced plans to install a new video board at the StubHub! Center and increase team branding throughout the stadium. It likely comes with Chivas USA no longer using the facilities.

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy announced today that AEG will invest over $15 million into the StubHub! Center this offseason. Improvements will include the largest video board in Major League Soccer, something fans have wanted for some time now, and improvements to the locker rooms including dedicated rooms for LA Galaxy II.

"Our company philosophy is to reinvest in our core assets and these improvements will help to maintain the StubHub Center’s status as one of the best and most state-of-the-art facilities in North America," said Dan Beckerman, President and CEO of AEG. "When our team devised the plan for these enhancements, our focus was on improving the facility for our fans, our players and our sponsors."

The LED video board above the north end will measure 5,100 square feet. Other slated improvements include further Galaxy branding to the StubHub! Center including dedicated merchandise stores, and branding along the concourse, player tunnel, and surrounding walls of the stadium.

"These additional resources and investments speak to Mr. Anschutz’s and AEG’s continued commitment to the Galaxy, our first team, our facility, our player development program, and our fans" said Chris Klein, President of the LA Galaxy. "These innovations place the Galaxy at the forefront of player development and fan experience. The commitment to our fans includes a 14% average decrease in 2015 Season Ticket prices. This well-rounded investment maintains the LA Galaxy’s status as the best club in North America, on and off the field."

These improvements hint strongly at a future without Chivas USA in the StubHub! Center, as the player tunnel is one instance of dual branding between the clubs. The concourse and surrounding walls are a neutral green, which was once consistent with Galaxy branding but no longer.

Blue is also a key color of StubHub!, and certainly blue fixtures have seen a large increase since they took over the naming rights to the stadium.