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FC Dallas loss ultimately signifies nothing

Landon Donovan and Omar Gonzalez were fatigued, two keys in the middle of the attack were missing, so ultimately it's just a loss and it's best to move on.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy lost 2-1 to FC Dallas, but by all accounts it was a game headed to a 1-1 draw with the end result coming from a lack of concentration at the death. Dallas got their match winning goal in the 86' off a throw in play. Jaime Penedo punches out an Andres Escobar cross and it goes straight to Fabian Castillo who heads it in. Multiple players fail to close down the cross and no one is near Castillo in the penalty area.

"We didn’t lose control of the game," said Bruce Arena, "we lost the game. We actually had a lot of control in the second half at times. It’s the sloppy play at the end of the game that makes the difference. We didn’t execute over a simple throw-in play."

Looking at player rankings for the game, both Landon Donovan and Omar Gonzalez came in well under their season average at 6.7. Should the Galaxy be surprised that the players who made a detour in Connecticut didn't perform well in Dallas? Landon Donovan was the only player to register a key pass other than a Route One ball from Leonardo. Should the Galaxy be surprised that the forwards underperformed when their only distribution came from a fatigued wide midfielder?

The narrative out of Seattle is that Vancouver was a trap game which caused the Sounders to go down. This wasn't a trap game for LA, this was a game they were destined to lose. Without Robbie Keane, Marcelo Sarvas, Robbie Rogers, limited use of Dan Gargan, fatigued Omar Gonzalez, and fatigued Landon Donovan. It wasn't going to happen.

There's not much to be learned when so much of the result is due to the players available. So attention to turns to the Seattle Sounders. We'll have previews up as the week goes on, but teams have shown that the Sounders are beatable. One of those teams is our own LA Galaxy.