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Four Star Matchday: LA media Galaxy-Chivas preview roundup

It's SuperClasico Sunday and the local press is mildly excited. Let's run down the day's headlines in Four Star Matchday:

  • We'll start with the Daily News, which is focusing on the question marks that hover over both clubs. The article admits that Chivas USA are reeling with a six match losing streak and a nine match winless streak. Still the Galaxy are no lock, for some reason. Inability to score I'd reckon.
  • The LA Times, bless their hearts, chose not to write a preview article. They are bullish on US soccer's performance in World Cup Qualifying thus far, writing that the Yanks and Mexico are headed in opposite directions. That seems a bit harsh, since so far as I know they'll both be taking the same flight path to Brazil next year. Mexico even got to practice the flight a week or so ago.
  • From print to online, MLS Soccer has Bruce Arena and Carlo Cudicini expecting the "game of the year" from wounded Chivas USA. I can imagine a wounded goat being very angry, like you would try and dress the wound and it would bite at you because it's angry and doesn't understand human medicine.
  • MLS Soccer has also been wondering how Chivas USA can get their mojo back. There's no mention of changing the ownership, which would be necessary for things like signing a splashy Designated Player. Perhaps Stella could offer some tips on how one gets their groove back.