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San Diego Wave FC’s Naomi Girma voted NWSL Rookie of the Month

Newcomer’s consistency impressed voters.

Nikita Taparia

She’s only a few months into her professional career, but Naomi Girma has looked like a seasoned professional, and as a result of her performances she was voted NWSL Rookie of the Month for April/May of the 2022 regular season.

Girma was a fixture in the San Diego Wave backline for the first month-plus of the regular season, starting every game at center back and needing to roll with changes to her central defensive partner game to game and even a different formation in one match. As the lock so far, the Stanford product helped take care of business in the back, allowing San Diego to top the standings to kick off the season.

Girma was also voted to the NWSL Team of the Month (full disclosure: I’m part of the voting panel that voted Girma to the Team of the Month and Rookie of the Month, and I voted for her in both), alongside San Diego teammates Taylor Kornieck and Alex Morgan (who also won an individual honor).

The regular season, and San Diego’s history, may have just started, but Girma has proven to be a savvy No. 1 overall pick in the College Draft by Wave FC. Congrats to her for the honors and long may the good form continue.

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