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San Diego Wave FC unveil 1st regular season jersey

A familiar look with a few twists.

Courtesy of San Diego Wave FC

Hours before their home regular season debut, 2022 NWSL expansion side San Diego Wave FC revealed the first look of their primary jersey for the rest of the 2022 campaign.

In many ways, it closely resembles the primary jersey they have been wearing since the NWSL Challenge Cup opened, with a two-tone blue look, dark blue on the torso and a wavy (heh heh, get it?) design in two shades of blue on the sleeves. The front-of-jersey sponsor remains Kaiser Permanente, with league sponsor Ally on one sleeve and financial company Plinqit on the other, which appears to be a company that helps you set aside savings money with the help of an app.

Among the new touches on the jersey, the most notable has to be the colors of the numbers and names on the back of the jersey. Up to this point, they had been white, but now the numbers will be pink and the names will be in “swell blue,” a shade of teal.

Courtesy of San Diego Wave FC

The jock tag will have a special inaugural patch celebrating the team’s first season, in gold, while there will be a silver badge celebrating the league’s 10th regular season this year.

Wave FC president Jill Ellis released a letter about the kit reveal, noting a small run of these will be available for purchase at next week’s game against the Chicago Red Stars at Torero Stadium. It’s also worth noting that the global supply chain issues that have been a problem in many matters of life seem to have really slowed down San Diego’s kit reveal and getting quantities of it to sell to the public, along with all the club’s merchandise. Ellis mentioned that factor briefly in her letter.

San Diego’s away/secondary kit will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned on that one.

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