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LA Galaxy 2022 player salaries revealed

Here’s where the numbers sit for the first half of 2022.

Los Angeles FC v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Dave Bernal/ISI Photos/Getty Images

With the first transfer window of the 2022 MLS season officially slammed shut, the MLS Players Union has returned to their semi-annual tradition of releasing salary figures for all players in the league, and here’s what we have for the LA Galaxy.

As always, a few caveats before looking at the numbers: The figures here are not the same thing as the “salary budget” teams must work within. So teams and the league have to figure out things like TAM thresholds, Designated Player hits against the cap and buy-downs and so on and so forth. In contrast, this is as close to transparency as we get in terms of actual dollar figures in salaries. While some players claim these numbers are not accurate either, this is what we’ve been given to work with, and it’s kind of a take it or leave it situation.

Without further ado...

LA Galaxy 2022 player salaries

Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Daniel Aguirre $66,724 $66,724
Efrain Alvarez $600,000 $712,167
Julian Araujo $575,000 $678,750
Jonathan Bond $475,000 $526,875
Kevin Cabral $1,650,000 $1,650,000
Douglas Costa $3,000,000 $3,000,000
Sega Coulibaly $420,000 $457,000
Mark Delgado $650,000 $726,250
Nick DePuy $231,000 $231,000
Cameron Dunbar $120,000 $136,750
Raheem Edwards $275,000 $307,500
Marcus Ferkranus $100,000 $113,625
Samuel Grandsir $900,000 $988,427
Carlos Harvey $84,000 $84,000
Chicharito $6,000,000 $6,000,000
Dejan Joveljić $612,500 $612,500
Preston Judd $65,500 $65,500
Jonathan Klinsmann $200,000 $200,000
Sacha Kljestan $84,000 $84,000
Kelvin Leerdam $300,000 $335,000
Jalen Neal $100,000 $113,625
Jonathan Perez $150,000 $171,750
Rayan Raveloson $750,000 $855,025
Richard Sanchez $84,000 $84,000
Adam Saldaña $89,513 $95,447
Victor Vazquez $440,000 $440,000
Jorge Villafaña $450,000 $486,667
Derrick Williams $750,000 $821,458
Eriq Zavaleta $84,000 $84,000

One more player not listed: Chase Gasper — $375,000 base salary, $400,000 guaranteed compensation. He’s listed with Minnesota United still, and you’ll remember that Minnesota and LA are splitting his cap hit for this season.

No surprise, Chicharito remains the highest-paid player on the team, at an even $6 million. Behind him is Douglas Costa, on $3 million. And then young DP Kevin Cabral is behind that, on $1.65 million.

Julian Araujo and Efrain Alvarez got enormous raises with the U-22 initiative money the Galaxy put towards them last year, with Alvarez’s $712,167 guaranteed comp in particular likely to raise a few eyebrows. Victor Vazquez is on $440,000, while Sacha Kljestan is on $84,000 — combined, the veteran midfielders’ average salary is pretty reasonable, but it will be interesting to see which player actually sees more playing time this season.

The total guaranteed compensation due to this group in 2022 is $20,528,040. You definitely can’t say the Galaxy don’t spend, but time will tell whether the spending was worthwhile or not, if they’re able to lift a trophy along the way.

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