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Chicharito praises LA Galaxy season so far, feels best is yet to come

As he returns to fitness, Chicharito expresses confidence ahead of matchup with Houston Dynamo.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy are in fourth place. Just, let that soak in for a second. Don’t think about the prior matches, the road ahead, or the should’ve done. In the toughest conference in the MLS, with almost no outside expectations for the team, the LA Galaxy sit in fourth place.

Not just that, unlike NYCFC, no disrespect to them, they aren't in fourth while being 21 points outside of first. No, they are eight points from the top spot with their penultimate match of the season against the current conference leaders, Seattle Sounders.

Coming into the season, nobody had the Galaxy doing this well. Personally, my predictions had them finishing at sixth, and even that was going out on a limb considering where many had them. Perhaps most incredible, when they face the Houston Dynamo on Wednesday, it could be the first time all season, that we’ve seen a fully fit, full-strength Starting XI for the Galaxy.

Speaking ahead of the match on Monday, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez wanted to make it clear just how proud he was of his team, and how under-appreciated they’ve been.

“This is the first time we’re, all of us, that the whole squad is healthy, without suspension, everyone. It’s always been injuries, International games, these are factors that need to be taken into consideration” he said when asked his thoughts on the team's performance during his time out.

“The team is doing pretty well, last year, we weren't half of what we are now. We are fourth in the conference, in my opinion, the most competitive conference, so we’ve tried to do the best that we can. We’re top four, I was out for ten weeks, International breaks, I think we should get a little bit more credit.”

And he’s not wrong.

Are there games the Galaxy could've done better in and won? Sure. Could they be a bit closer in points to Seattle? Yes. They also could’ve folded the moment Javier went down. They could've hit a losing streak with so many players out on International break, and dealing with injuries, but they didn't. The scariest part, is as Chicharito says, they haven't even come close to finding their best form.

“I’m not saying we've already had the perfect season, and can celebrate, and stuff like that. I just think the team is doing pretty well, but the most attractive thing is, we still could do much better. We’re not even scratching the surface of how good this team could be. So imagine, if we are in fourth position, first year with Greg [Vanney], the first week with the whole team, honestly, the LA Galaxy are doing pretty well, and I hope we can do better.”

The LA Galaxy have done well. With a healthy squad finally set to play together for the first time all season, under a new head coach in Greg Vanney, with everything still in front of them, they have the potential to make this season one to remember. They have the talent, and judging from Javier today, they most definitely have the belief. Now, it’s about getting the results.

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