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11 LA Galaxy II players reportedly test positive for coronavirus

Multiple reports indicate a teamwide outbreak.

Grace Stufkosky/Phoenix Rising

LA Galaxy II had their game against San Diego Loyal postponed Wednesday about two hours before kickoff because of multiple positive coronavirus tests among people involved with one or both teams.

While the initial reports did not indicate which team the positive tests belonged to (or again, if it was both teams), we got a better sense that Los Dos had at least one of the positive tests after another USL Championship game, Sacramento Republic vs. Orange County SC, was itself postponed about 30 minutes before kickoff on Wednesday, with Republic FC citing positive tests by a previous opponent being the cause, SRFC said to be postponing out of an abundance of caution. Their previous opponent was, of course, Los Dos, on Saturday.

The story continues to develop, as Sacramento-based reporter Matt George reported Los Dos had “as many as 11” positive tests by Wednesday.

And ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle reinforced George’s report, saying a team source confirmed 11 positive tests for Los Dos, all among players.

Needless to say, it’s both shocking and not altogether surprising considering USL Championship has returned to play in the middle of a pandemic. I think everyone expected there would be some players who test positive for coronavirus just based on numbers in society.

At the same time, 11 players on one team is a big outbreak, and shows how delicate the balance is between getting back to play and keeping players legitimately safe.

As Carlisle’s report indicates, no LA Galaxy first team players have tested positive so far, and while most of the research seems to indicate younger people tend to recover faster and suffer fewer severe symptoms, and Los Dos is made up of teenagers or players in their early-20s, you can’t necessarily count on everyone to be totally fine. The virus is unpredictable, and the more people who get infected, the better the chances somebody will become severely ill or worse.

On the field, Los Dos aren’t scheduled to play again until Aug. 7, against Orange County SC, but it’s currently unclear if that game will yet proceed at that time.

In the meantime, it’s important to wish those who have tested positive well, and hope everyone recovers without there being more outbreaks. Stay tuned.

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