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Los Angeles is Chicharito’s town, and now you can wear it on a T-shirt

Check out the latest offering from BreakingT.

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After four long months, MLS is back and that includes your LA Galaxy. And with the games back in action and an all-important El Trafico coming up at the weekend, you can represent the G’s and big star Chicharito with this brand new shirt, courtesy of BreakingT.

Chicha’s name is up in giant white block letters — look familiar? And with the striker poised to take MLS by storm with the games back in session, you can rep your Chicharito and Galaxy fandom while you’re headed out for grocery store runs and such. With fewer opportunities than ever to rep your colors, here’s a great way to start a conversation around town.

This shirt is officially licensed through the MLSPA, which means the players get a cut of the proceeds. So you know what to do: Mash that buy button and get some new swag ahead of the big El Trafico game later this week!