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LA Galaxy’s Rolf Feltscher competes in “MLS Idle” talent show

You can vote for him to give to a good cause.

Seattle Sounders v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

LA Galaxy defender Rolf Feltscher was involved in the first edition of the “MLS Idle” show on Thursday.

The show, meant to show players’ “hidden talents,” was a talent contest that’s a combination of “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent.” The winner will have a donation made for coronavirus relief in his name.

Feltscher competed against the Colorado RapidsKeegan Rosenberry, Inter Miami’s Lee Nguyen, and NYCFC’s Ronald Matarrita.

Rosenberry did golf trick shots throughout his home, while Nguyen made the most complex espresso drink possible on his expensive machines. Rosenberry drew a picture of The Joker.

Feltscher sang the Jackson 5’s hit “I’ll be There” in an elevator, I guess for the acoustics?

The winner among this quartet is decided among you, the fans, by voting on Twitter or Facebook with #MLSIdle + the player’s name. So for Feltscher, it would be #MLSIdleFeltscher.

So if you want the Galaxy guy to win, you’ll need to vote for him. And the league says there will be more of these shows coming up, so we’ll see who else is on tap and what their hidden talents are. For what it’s worth, I watched this live with my kid and thought it was pretty decent, I’d definitely check it out again.

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