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LA Galaxy player ratings vs. Portland Timbers

Midfield pressure? What’s that?

MLS: Portland Timbers at LA Galaxy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, regardless of which players are on the pitch. At this point, it’s time to look at the boss. After a series of unimpressive performances, to say the least, Coach Schelotto’s seat should be red-hot. ON FIRE HOT.

Among the trends we’ve seen in this losing streak that’s blossomed to five games (and shows no signs of letting up):

  • Complete lack of midfield pressure. Lots of jogging and standing around, letting opposing midfielders pass the ball at will. (cough *Perry Kitchen* cough)
  • Steres and DePuy being exposed in the center.
  • Rolf Feltscher out to lunch. (Has Venezuela seen his last games?!)
  • A revolving door in the center of midfield: Joe Corona, Sacha Kljestan, Jonathan Dos Santos…nothing has worked.
  • A very, very dry Chicharito.
  • Broken offside traps. And lots of arm raising for an offside call that never shows up.
  • Ball watching. So much ball watching.

Not only do the Galaxy not have answers, they don’t look like answers are showing up any time soon. This team needs a reboot. Tonight was no exception, and nothing was going to save being downtrodden and overrun.

To their credit, the team doesn’t look like they’ve given up. I don’t see that in their body language, or approach to one another. But they do look short of ideas, organization and strategy. This was a hodgepodge of players that didn’t know how to play with one another, and it’s looked that way for some time.

Schelotto needs to go.

Player Ratings



  • Sacha Kljestan - nice ball to Pavon in the 24th minute that resulted in a shot that went just wide. Earned a yellow card for a bad tackle. Lame duck defending on Portland’s set piece goal.
  • Efrain Alvarez - sent in a ball destined for goal that Portland cleared off the line not once, but twice. Another shot went just wide to end the half.
  • Julian Araujo - scored his first MLS goal, an absolute CRACKER in the 34th minute. What a shot!


  • Ethan Zubak - didn’t close down his man on Portland’s throw-in, leading to a goal. Inexplicably didn’t shoot after Pavon set him free in the first half. Finished a nice cross by Pavon in the 55th minute, great redirection with his head.
  • Yony Gonzalez - bet he’s wondering what he got himself into. Game was over by the time he subbed in.
  • Diedie Traore/Carlos Harvey - late subs


  • David Bingham - terrible positioning on Portland’s free kick goal, and didn’t cover himself in glory on Valeri’s goal either. Often in no man’s land.
  • Sebastian Lletget - just missed connecting on an Insua cross in the 19th minute. Repeated the moment in the 38th. Wasn’t his night.
  • Daniel Steres - beat by a through ball on Portland’s first goal. Lost his man on Portland’s fifth goal, and kept Portland onside on the sixth.
  • Emiliano Insua - good read and step-in to retrieve the ball in the 4th minute. Ball watching on Portland’s first goal. Decent cross in the 38th minute that Lletget just missed. Forced a penalty in the 54th minute that wasn’t called. Lost his man on Portland’s fourth and sixth goal. The bad cancelled out the good.
  • Perry Kitchen - didn’t close down in midfield on Portland’s fourth goal. Jogging and then standing still (!) on Portland’s sixth goal. He is just not breaking up enough plays as a defensive midfielder.


  • Nick DePuy - good clearance in the fifth minute, and then it went downhill from there. Ball watching along with Insua on Portland’s first goal. With a hand ball gave up a dangerous free kick in the first half…that resulted in a Timbers goal. Flat out beat by Valeri on Portland’s third goal. Gotta tip your cap. Watched the ball cross the six for Portland’s fourth goal. Followed this up by giving up the foul on Portland’s fifth goal. Missed a header on goal in the 72nd minute. He needs to throw this game into a dumpster, light it on fire, and never speak of it again.

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