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LA Galaxy billboard outside the Banc vandalized

A.M. Acosta

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, and we’ll probably say it once again in the near future. The rivalry is at its best when it’s fun.

With the competitive rivalry between the LA Galaxy and LAFC fans hitting a fever pitch on and off the field, it’s important to remember this is soccer we’re talking about. To paraphrase Mills Lane, we all want a good clean rivalry.

Using one’s imagination and wit to better their opponent is something LA Galaxy fans and front office folks alike have figured out. It’s one of several reasons why the buildup to El Traficos has become a de facto celebration of not just the game but the club itself.

The art of the El Trafico meme
The Galaxy are at it again with the billboards

And then there are less desirable measures to get at your rivals. Unfortunately, it appears the billboard of Zlatan outside of Banc of California Stadium has been vandalized.

Disappointing, but not surprising.