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The LA Galaxy are at it again with the billboards

Arash Markazi

One of the Galaxy’s better power moves when LAFC buttressed their way into the shadow of the Coliseum was to dot the landscape with billboards, a tradition the club had been doing for years that was ramped up in anticipation of sharing the city with another team once again.

Not content with imposing on their neighbors, the Galaxy have taken things a step further in 2019. Had you traveled past Banc of California Stadium when the season kicked off, you would have seen a two-sided billboard of Zlatan doing Zlatan things at LAFC’s expense.

And now with Sunday’s El Trafico looming (7:30 PT, FS1), the Galaxy have once again given us something to talk about. As the Times’ Arash Markasi happily reports, the LA Galaxy have blanketed the area surrounding the Banc with fresh advertisements. Billboards, posters, you name it.

Of course, you knew that photo was going up on a billboard.