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Hundreds of LAFC fans shut out of El Trafico

The plot thickens.

MLS Soccer - Los Angeles Galaxy v Los Angeles FC Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

Looks like the drama of El Trafico IV has dialed up a notch.

Late Wednesday night, several LAFC supporter’s groups sent out coordinated messages alledging the LA Galaxy organization had canceled their tickets for Friday’s derby without explanation.

“Just 48 hours before the Derby and without any explanation, the LA Galaxy front office has cancelled hundreds of tickets for Friday’s match vs LAFC” the statement reads. Many innocent fans and youth soccer clubs players are now left without a ticket. The Galaxy is terrified of an LAFC take over and that is clear after the actions they are taking to suppress our support and love for LAFC. What happened to supporting the game? This is unjust for the game and for the culture.”

The hard working Kevin Baxter was able to secure a quote from the front office, who clarified their reasoning.

While it’s unfortunate for anyone to be kicked out of a game and especially so close to a derby match, the security division at Dignity Health Sports Park have prioritized safety in the past. Regardless of politics, you just can’t have LAFC fans in the supporter’s section. There would be chaos, maybe even lawsuits.

We look forward to a full explanation in the AM.

Update: Allegedly LAFC fans bought tickets through a third-party service passing themselves off as a youth soccer organization, the Galaxy caught onto the scheme and cancelled the tickets.

Nice try fellers.