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Move in Silence release new LA Galaxy pin

Another must-buy

Adam Serrano/M.I.S.

Announcement: Move in Silence will be at Dignity Health Sports Park this Saturday with a special drop! More details to come.

With opening kickoff just around the corner the fine folks at Move In Silence Co. have created another LA Galaxy pin now available for purchase.

The local lifestyle brand specializing in Latinx culture have put out a number of brilliant designs celebrating the history of the original Los Angeles club in recent memory. (After all, the owner is a big Galaxy fan) We hosted a few giveaways last season and the demand for some of the pins was high...more than a few fans asked where to locate more or even offered to buy a few off us.

Their latest effort is no different. Combining the classic 1996 signage with the all-powerful name of Zlatan, it’s another must-have piece of stamped enamel. The popular ones tend to sell out, so don’t hesitate if you’re planning on pulling the trigger.

You can buy one at their website HERE or visit Move in Silence at the Molcajete Dominguero pop-up.