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IKEA really is giving Zlatan free meatballs for life

Oh to live like a king.

Dan Leydon

During last week’s LA Galaxy Night Navy kit launch, host Rob Stone had the pleasure of going one on one with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

As it turns out, Ibra has had an affinity for the Swedish furniture brand ever since his days as a troubled youth. When Rob opined “IKEA?”, Zlatan simply replied “Fantastic”.

Not satisfied with his initial remark, Ibra went on to recall a story from when his family was settling into LA. Apparently Zlatan insisted on renting a furnished house, however his wife had her heart set on a particular home so Ibra responded by proclaiming they would have to buy IKEA furniture.

The broker mentioned wealthy people typically don’t go to IKEA, and Zlatan emphatically responded “No, but intellegent people do!”.

Well the fine folks at IKEA were obviously thrilled to hear Zlatan’s glowing endorsement and decided to reward the big Swede for his kind gesture.

Free meatballs for life! What a country.