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LA Galaxy 2019 away kit leaked

“Night Navy” jersey details revealed

LA Galaxy

They almost pulled it off.

Usually LA Galaxy fans have a habit of discovering the details of their new kits well before the designs go public, but the mystery surrounding this year’s jersey was a well-guarded secret.

That is until Friday night, when Rolf Feltscher blew it and spilled the beans on Instagram. Feltscher deleted the post shortly afterwards, but the damage was done.

While we won’t have confirmation until the club unveils the jersey Sunday night at LA Live, the photo appears legitimate. Dubbed the “Night Navy” kit, the jersey modeled by Feltscher features navy blue and dark turquoise strips in a glitchy pattern similar to other MLS kits that have been released, with navy blue sleeves and white stripes. Additionally the crest now has a simple blue and white finish.

What do you think of the new kits? Need to see them in person before making a final decision? Let us know in the comments.