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News Around The Galaxy: Chicago Fire rebrand, fans riot

Hot take: The crest isn’t that bad


It was a big day for the Chicago Fire organization as the club unveiled their new badge and identity Thursday in anticipation of next year’s move to Soldier Field, their original (and spiritual) home.

“The mirrored icon – with flames inverted to become a crown, hence the Fire Crown – tells the story of a dramatic rebirth and a city’s triumph,” the club declared in a press releases, noting “the change from ‘soccer’ to ‘football’ reflects a long-term vision for the club as Chicago’s global ambassador to the world’s game.”

As you might expect, the fans went nuts. Which is understandable: The classic Chicago Fire crest was one of the few remaining original logos and the colors bear a striking resemblance to Real Salt Lake, a club with identity issues of its own.

And yet, we have a confession to make: We like the crest! The Chicago Fire brand itself was always incomplete - Why name a soccer team after a historic catastrophe? Updating the crest completes the story. Updating the identity also gives a healthy boost to a team that is rich is history, but has been regrettably irreverent in the city for some time.

In other news, Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano teased a graphic of the new safe standing section. What do you think of the new design?