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Looks like Adam Sandler is a LA Galaxy fan

Celebrity dons Galaxy gear onstage


Last week the great Adam Sandler was performing in Indio with Rob Schneider and Elle King, and guess what? It turns out the actor/comedian/singer was wearing blue white and gold.

It shouldn’t be a surprise Sandler likes soccer. His good buddy Schneider is an avid Tigres supporter.

Here the SNL regular and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo star is posing with his friend with the two of them rocking Tigres jerseys. (Of course as is his wont, Sandler slipped the jersey on for a gag)


I could picture Happy Gilmore going to a few games a year. (Can also picture Billy Madison tossing a lemonade at Wondo and causing a ruckus)

It’s always fun catching famous people in Galaxy gear. Seems more genuine than the forced #promos the other team has been planting lately.

Shemar Moore is cool and all, but he takes like five hat selfies a day. There’s no description of LAFC in his post, and even the logo is cropped out.

I’ll stick to Sandler.