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ESPN+ replaces MLS Live streaming service

What used to cost $79.99 a year is now $4.99 a month.

MLS: MLS-Press Conference Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve always liked MLS Live, the streaming package which allows soccer fans to watch out-of-market league matches live or in an archived format. Conversely, like most fans I’ve never been super thrilled with the buggy delivery nor the high price tag.

Luckily there’s great news for Galaxy fans. MLS Live will be incorporated into the new ESPN+ streaming service currently under construction, and available at a much cheaper price. Additionally, until the new service launches MLS Live will be available free of charge.

Major League Soccer’s out-of-market streaming package MLS LIVE is set to be one of the featured sports offerings on ESPN+, a new ESPN streaming product that will launch this spring and bring ESPN sports programming to subscribers via a newly redesigned ESPN App.

ESPN+ will be available to fans for just $4.99 a month, and in addition to MLS LIVE, fans will have access to a lineup of other live sports and other ESPN content. The $4.99-a-month subscription represents a significant discount for MLS fans compared to last year’s $79.99 MLS LIVE full-season package.

In addition to the MLS LIVE package, ESPN+ subscribers will have access to hundreds of MLB and NHL games, PGA Tour golf, college basketball and football, among other sports that will be available both live and on demand.