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LA Galaxy original Robin Fraser talks early dog days of MLS

Two time Defender of the Year appears on ExtraTime Radio’s story time segment

Carlos Valderrama Mutiny

Nowadays you hear former MLS stars and other assorted old-timers talking up how good today’s players have it. The league might have its share of flaws, but MLS has come a long way from the 90’s era of cavernous stadiums, football lines and widespread uncertainty. (A visual of Michael Parkhurst munching on quinoa inside Atlanta United’s space-age training ground comes to mind)

Backtrack a few decades however, and you would find talented soccer players who toiled in America’s earlier leagues only for the newly-launched Major League Soccer to hand these guys a professional experience they could have previously only dreamed of.

Robin Fraser, a standout with the Colorado Foxes before finding a home in Los Angeles, is one of those players. A former Defender of the Year and four time Best XI with the Galaxy, the current Toronto FC assistant coach spoke on ExtraRadio about his past experiences. Give it a listen below. (Skip ahead to the 34-minute mark for the Fraser interview)