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LAFC already have a losing record

Marketing team makes bet, doesn’t win

Construction workers unload a giant “L” into Banc of California Stadium

Well well well.

Before last night’s NFL Wild Card match-up between the Rams and Falcons kicked off, the brash upstarts over at LAFC decided to have some fun with Atlanta United, challenging the wildly successful MLS club to a friendly wager.

It did not go as planned.

Led by wundercoach Sean McVay, the Rams had a brilliant season, but their inexperience in the playoffs showed as Atlanta convincingly defeated a flat Los Angeles 26-13 at the Coliseum.

Naturally, Atlanta and Galaxy fans alike were out for blood.

LAFC would have to respond eventually, which they did by briefly changing their Twitter profile photo to a generic Five Stripes. Yes, I too was blown away: Talk about bold.

I’ve stayed tuned, and so far...nothing.

Full disclosure: I’m not a “Neener neener” type of soccer fan. LAFC’s new digs are breathtaking, and I for one can’t wait for the battle of Los Angeles, or El Trafico or whatever we’re calling the LA derby to begin.

But what the heck were the brazen whippersnappers at Los Angeles Football Club thinking? Do they honestly not remember Chivas USA, aka The Club They Swear They Aren’t But Kinda Am In Every Aspect having a miserable history of...wait for it...losing friendly wagers?

Chivas USA President and Co-Owner Antonio Cué made good on his third bet with Los Angeles Galaxy President and General Manager Doug Hamilton, working as a waiter and serving lunch to Hamilton and Galaxy Head Coach Steve Sampson this afternoon at the Stadium Club of The Home Depot Center.

Good lord. (And I’m not talking about the ridiculous optics of a Latino businessman serving a white guy lunch)