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LAGConfidential Pick 'Em MLS Week 1

Here are the picks by the writers for this week's matches. Let's see who's the best prognosticator.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see who will be most accurate in Week 1 MLS action in the LAGConfidential Pick 'Em Contest. Predictions are below. (I wasn't able to get readers' votes this week, but I'll make sure it happens for future weeks.)

MLS Pick 'Em Week 1
Game Rafael Dan Alex Ilkay Sean Eric LAGConfidental Readers
Union at FC Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas FC Dallas Dallas Dallas N/A
Montreal at Vancouver DRAW DRAW DRAW Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver N/A
Sporting KC at Seattle Seattle DRAW Seattle Seattle Seattle DRAW N/A
DC United at LA Galaxy LA Galaxy LA Galaxy LA Galaxy LA Galaxy LA Galaxy DC United N/A
Will the Galaxy Score a Goal This Week? YES YES YES YES YES Yes, but only via a DC United Own Goal N/A