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How Long Can the Galaxy Continue to Tread Water?

Will the Galaxy finally find their stroke? Or will this be the year they sink below the playoff line?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We’re halfway through the 2015 MLS season and the Galaxy are struggling to remain afloat above the playoff line. While we currently sit sixth in the Western Conference, we don’t have the breathing room we appear to have. As Sean pointed out, we’ve played more games than anyone else, so our place in the standings is tentative at best.

All season we’ve struggled to find our stroke, whether due to injuries, international call ups, or more injuries. The only constant in our lineup is that it will be different from the game before.

Somehow, Bruce Arena continues to get production out of players he inserts to fill the holes in the lineup. This past weekend is a perfect example. Sebastian Lletget scored in his first (surprise) start. The Galaxy dominated the chances in the first half. But they looked way too tired in the second.

Considering all the team has gone through, we’ve been happy with not sinking. Try to win at home, hope to draw on the road.

Somehow, we’re staying afloat as we wait for Steven Gerrard to come and (hopefully) stop some of the leaks on the team.

San Penedo continues to be our lifesaver. Has there been a more valuable player this season for the Galaxy?

Alan Gordon has saved the team from drowning multiple times.

But will we have enough for a stretch run? Or have we spent all our energy just trying to tread water? Will this simply not be our year to pull things together?

Being handcrafted takes time, it’s artistry, an ability to work with the unique materials available. LA is handcrafted, and this is shaping up to be a handcrafted season. While a good craftsman never blames his tools, one has to wonder if with all the injuries and international call ups if Bruce simply doesn’t have the pieces he needs this year. Maybe we will finally sink below the playoff line when it counts.

Average teams tire out and give in. "Next year", they say.

But champions dig deep and find more energy.

We are LA. We’ve been the Michael Phelps of MLS. We’re not about to stop now.

It’s time to quit treading water and begin swimming like we are capable.