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Four Star Daily: Down on the Farm, Donovan tries his best

The LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes are set to do battle down on the Farm, while Landon Donovan pledges to do his best for the United States in the Gold Cup.

Thearon W. Henderson

"Because it's up with the blue and gold/down with the red/California's up for a victory/bring down our battle axe on Stanford's head/when we meet her our team will surely beat her/down on the Stanford farm there will be no sound/as our Oski rips through the air/like our friend mister Jonah/Stanford's men will be found/in the belly of a Golden Bear"

  • Once a year, usually when playing the Galaxy in a matchup known as the California Clasico, the San Jose Earthquakes play a match in a venue other than their normal second tier college football stadium. In the past it's been the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, in recent years it's been the remodeled Stanford Stadium. Which means that once a year I get to put on my fan hat and make fun of Stanford a little bit. Even the San Francisco Examiner is in on the act, writing that the Quakes-Galaxy rivalry is going to heat up on the Farm this weekend. I know Stanford folks use the Farm as a term of endearment, but when I call it the farm, it's cause it's smells and it's buildings look like they were made with.....
  • So anyhow, it looks like plenty of folk from the good city of Palo Alto are going to take a break from dropping a class the day before the final and come out to watch the California Clasico. Over 40,000 tickets have been sold.
  • The other news of the day was Landon Donovan's call up to the Gold Cup for the United States. It's his lifeline back to the A-team, and Donovan has pledged to do his best. I believe that's part of the scout promise.
  • If you still haven't seen the full Gold Cup roster, check out the New York Times story.