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Academy Updates: LA Galaxy U-18s, US U-20s

The US Soccer Development Academy playoffs continue, with the FIFA U-20 World Cup takes place in Turkey. LA Galaxy players are involved all over the place, and face tough tests on Thursday.


There's drama in the US Soccer Development Academy U-18 playoff Group 6, as an LA Galaxy loss yesterday to the Dallas Texans makes it anyones group with one more match to go. Only the group winner makes it to the Academy finals in mid-July, so the Galaxy will need some help from the San Jose Earthquakes if they hope to make it to the next round.

Group 6
Dallas Texans 1-0-1 4 pts
LA Galaxy 1-1-0 3 pts
New England Revolution 0-0-2 2 pts
San Jose Earthquakes 0-1-1 1 pt

Group play will resume Thursday morning at 9:00 am, with LA taking on the New England Revolution and Dallas Texas taking on the San Jose Earthquakes. The Galaxy will need a victory to have a hope of advancing, while the Texas can take the group cleanly with a victory of their own.

Unfortunate that finishing seems to be a problem at all levels.

US U-20s

Elsewhere, Jose Villarreal and the US U-20s are also fighting to get out of their group. Tomorrow the US will take on Ghana, needing a big victory to climb up the list of third place teams. Brian Sciaretta talked to Villarreal about the upcoming matchup, and the young forward said he felt confident.

I know, shocking that an athlete feels confident. Never heard that one before.