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LA Galaxy's International Champions Cup schedule announced

The LA Galaxy will participate in three international friendlies over the first weekend in August. They're guaranteed to take on Real Madrid and two other clubs, including participating in a doubleheader in Dodger Stadium.

Kevork Djansezian

The LA Galaxy will be participating in the International Champions Cup at the end of July/beginning of August, and this morning the full schedule of the International Champions Cup was released. Grant Wahl gave us the details yesterday, but Dan Karell broke down exactly how the tournament will proceed this morning.

LA will take on Real Madrid on August 1st in Phoenix, Arizona (I imagine University of Phoenix Stadium). Then as part of the second round all four west coast teams will play a double header in Dodger Stadium on August 3rd, with the winners facing off first and then the losers.

Finally as part of the third round, all teams will travel to Miami where there will be seventh place, fifth place, third place, and first place matches. There is no elimination in the tournament, all participants will play three matches.

The Galaxy have five days of rest before their first tournament match on a Thursday in Arizona. The Dodger Stadium double header takes place on a Saturday the Galaxy have off, but they will have to return to MLS play the weekend after the Miami trip.

For a club in the middle of a playoff run, it's going to be a strain. Like the US Open Cup, I wouldn't see Bruce Arena treating any of these matches as must win. The starters will go the requisite 45 minutes then mass substitutions as in any other friendly.

After playing all their friendlies at Avalon Stadium last year, the Galaxy return to playing summer friendlies in larger LA venues. The Galaxy took on Real Madrid in the LA Coliseum in 2011, and Real Madrid at the Rose Bowl in 2010.

Update: Per the press conference held this morning, the LA Galaxy will play in the second match in Dodger Stadium kicking off at 7:30 with Real Madrid playing the earlier match, regardless of the result in Arizona.