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Four Star Daily: StubHub Center, Robbie Rogers stories

The Victoria Street Grounds (formerly The Home Depot Center) get a new name today, now the StubHub Center. That plus football vs. soccer, and a roundup of Robbie Rogers stories.

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Harry How

  • The Home Depot Center is no more. It will be officially re-christened the StubHub Center when the LA Galaxy next play at home, however feel free to refer to it by it's location and purpose. Victoria Street Grounds is my favorite, but I'll also accept Avalon Stadium, Camp Dominguez, etc. Todd Dunivant posted a picture on twitter&
  • Adam Serrano wrote yesterday about Michael Stephens' "excellent" performance. In it he mentions that Stephens traveled with the club to North Carolina, but likely won't be used. Like Arena just drew an age line and said anyone below this line comes to Carolina.
  • It can feel like the soccer versus football debate is as old as time itself, but as the American soccer scene tries to train new soccer commentators (see: Johnson, Gus) instead of importing more from England (see: White, Arlo) we're seeing the debate extend to all sorts of terms of the game. I'm fully aware of the line constantly (and I lean to the Eurosnob side), but I see it as playing with terms to get what sounds the best. I'm also of the opinion that every sport has it's lingo: out of bounds works for basketball and American football but not for baseball.
  • Take a look at how the papers of record handled the Robbie Rogers story. The New York Times called it a milestone. I like milestone, it always carries a sense of metaphor with it. Seeing Rogers' debut not as the end of a road, but an important marker along it. USA Today went with making history, and the LA Times went with the small step/huge dichotomy used by Neil Armstrong. The through line is the debut as a moment worth recording, one which deserves to be remembered.