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MLS Fantasy League: Week 13 picks

With national team members taking off and the schedule about to turn upside down, your focus this week should be on variables, variables, variables.

Javier Morales: Most underrated player in MLS Fantasy League?
Javier Morales: Most underrated player in MLS Fantasy League?

Because after all, doing well in MLS Fantasy League is about more than picking the most skilled players.

Here's the full list of MLS call-ups.

I, for just one example, like to prioritize players on teams with home field advantage. Depending on the quality of the opponent, field surface, and crowd atmosphere, playing at home can increase the odds of a positive result for the home team 20 to 30 percent, sometimes more.

Home field advantage is one of several reasons why you need Jose Gonclaves ($6.0) on your roster this week, a player who's one confounding variable is that he happens to be on a bad team. The always active centerback scores lots of defensive bonus points and is 5th in total points among defenders for a reason.

The Revs are also a solid defensive team, so the possibility of clean sheets are high. And with their next three games at home, expect Gonclaves to rack up plenty of points.

Real Salt Lake also plays the next three games at Rio Tinto.

After a few injury-plagued seasons, Javier Morales ($8.4) is kind of a forgotten man, which might explain why he is easily the most underrated player in MLS Fantasy League. In the past 7 games, the Argentine playmaker has been absolutely tearing it up, scoring more points than any other midfielder including Graham Zusi ($10.4), and showing no signs of slowing down.

Somehow, only 4.5 percent of fantasy owners have Morales on their roster. Pick him up, before everyone else does.

If you don't have the cash to afford either one, I would recommend buying a Real Salt Lake or New England defender on the cheap. Nat Borchers ($5.3) and Andrew Farrell ($5.0) both work. Ned Gravavoy ($7.5) is also a clever option, just remember his two goals last week were against Chivas USA, so there's that.

Team name: Ben Fong-Torres FC (Almost Famous was on at the time)

Current rank: 305 (Up)