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LA Galaxy First Kick lineup predictions: Leonardo vs. Michael Stephens

The LA Galaxy look to have two strong lineups to choose from for First Kick in a little more than a week's time. Will they start Leonardo or Michael Stephens?


This week the Galaxy have played two friendlies, and in each friendly have tested out a possible First Kick starting XI. Which lineup the Galaxy trot out hinges on a single decision: Leonardo or Michael Stephens.

Tommy Meyer is most likely unavailable as hamstring injuries rarely hold true to any early time table. They seem to heal when they're good and ready. So here's the option with Sean Franklin in the midfield, which was for the most part used against Club Tijuana:

Cudicini; DeLaGarza, Gonzalez, Leonardo, Dunivant; Franklin, Juninho, Sarvas, Clark; Magee, Keane

Against the Colorado Rapids in Santa Barbara, the Galaxy were without Omar Gonzalez who was at an Herbalife event in Columbia with Juan Pablo Angel and the MLS Cup. As a result, the Galaxy went with Leonardo in Gonzalez' spot, but a First Kick lineup with Franklin on the back line would look like this:

Cudicini; Franklin, Gonzalez, DeLaGarza, Dunivant; Stephens, Juninho, Sarvas, Clark; Magee, Keane

Personally, Franklin has looked good let loose in the midfield, DeLaGarza was drafted to be a right back anyhow, and Leonardo was the first choice center back before his injury in 2011. I'd like to see the Galaxy go with the first lineup. However, the second would be more traditional and thus might be the more likely lineup for next Sunday.

What's your prediction?