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Three Star Daily, March 14th: The War of 2012 Part II

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Good afternoon Galaxy fans. In about half an hour, the last English team remaining in the UEFA Champions League will fight to stay in the tournament. Then tonight, both remaining teams from the United States and the only team from Canada in the CONCACAF Champions League will also fight to represent club and country in the Semi-Finals of what is becoming a premier event. Competition-wise, Champions League is the most important tournament a North American club can win. It's not the money maker that UEFA Champions League is, but that's another story for another day.

What matters now is that the Galaxy and Toronto are currently drawn with the Galaxy holding the advantage. Tonight's match will to a large extent be a game of who can score first, with Toronto FC perhaps possessing the fresher legs. Check out the clippings for a few more views on tonight's match, as well as a tribute to Michael Stephens' progress through the US Soccer system:

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