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Back on top: Portland Thorns 0, San Diego Wave FC 2

Two first-half goals were enough for the win that puts Wave back atop the NWSL standings

NWSL: San Diego Wave FC at Portland Thorns FC Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Let the short road trip begin! As the finishing touches get put on Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego Wave take to the road against a couple really tough opponents as they continue to try and lock down the top spot in what is a very fluid NWSL standings. First up, Portland Thorns, who are also in that multi-team fight for first.

It didn't take long for Wave FC to find their footing in this one. In just the 16th minute, Kristen McNabb fired off a missile that hit its mark for the lead. While the power of the shot was what opened eyes, it was the placement that was drool-worthy. She put it where a goal was the only outcome, in every version of every universe.

The Thorns worked hard to get into the halftime break down only a goal, but then Alex Morgan happened. Wave FC goalkeeper sent the ball forward on the free kick, and it was flicked on by a Taylor Kornieck header, where it found Alex Morgan in stride and it was all about the finish at that point. Morgan is clinical, so the outcome was already written, and the lead for San Diego was doubled going into the break.

The two goals in the first half were all San Diego needed for the three points. The team did well to limit the chances for Portland, though they did have a couple looks, as well as put on a few chances of their own to extend the lead. It was a very solid performance, against a really good team, on the road. They get the win, and enough points to put them back in first place. At least for now.

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