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LA Galaxy Player Ratings vs. Seattle Sounders

The Galaxy defense strikes again, squandering two important points at home.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at LA Galaxy Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Friday’s 3-3 draw between the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders started well, with the Galaxy scoring in the 10th minute, but instead of going full steam ahead, the Galaxy decided to sit and watch Seattle play soccer for the next 30 minutes. LA spent an inordinate amount of time in Seattle’s half, which would continue throughout the game. Seattle bossed this game, even with the losing scoreline, until the Galaxy decided to show up late into the second half.

Victor Vázquez bailed out this lackadaisical play that has become commonplace with a gorgeous strike right before the end of the half. Seattle’s goalkeeper Stefan Frei helped Victor out, but no one was happier than LA to see the scoreline.

Unfortunately, the second half saw the Galaxy regress to their defensive worst. Julian Araujo first out of position for Seattle’s first goal, and then the collective defense absolutely at sea on a cross to Raul Ruidíaz for Seattle’s second. This after Seattle hit the crossbar and post in the same run of play! The defensive miscues continued on a rebound that Jordan Morris put into the back of the net.

To be fair, Kévin Cabral should have scored (again) to put the Galaxy up 3-1 right before the wheels fell off, but we all know how that works out.

Dejan Joveljić once again rode in to rescue any points whatsoever for the Galaxy with a late penalty. But even tying the game felt like a loss. They needed three points at home.

The lineup decisions for the squad continue to be head scratchers. Douglas Costa should be permanently stapled to the bench. There should be TWO FORWARDS playing. Cabral shouldn’t be playing, but at least he had an assist this game. Maybe Ricki Puig will be the team’s savior, but it’s likely too little too late in a lost season.

A sign hanging in the stadium said, “Klein out.” If the Galaxy again miss the playoffs this year, he should be. And on current trajectory, they’ll be missing the playoffs.

Player Ratings


  • Víctor Vázquez - decent free kick in the 9th minute that Chicharito barely missed. He delivered an absolutely gorgeous curling strike for a goal after being left wide open (really, Seattle?) on a corner kick. Bad goalkeeping, but who cares? Involved in the first two Galaxy goals. Man of the Match
  • Chicharito - great run, lovely finish in the 10th minute.
  • Dejan Joveljić - great penalty for the Galaxy’s third goal, and a pest for the limited time he was on.


  • Kévin Cabral - pinpoint assist in the 10th minute. Didn’t carry his good vibes forward — should have scored in the 59th minute on a sitter.
  • Mark Delgado - got in a game of “your ball” with Cabral in the 60th minute which resulted in a giveaway and Seattle hitting the crossbar. Turned in a squared pass from the left that should have been finished in the 77th minute, but last ditch cleared.
  • Séga Coulibaly - strong challenge in the first minute after a DePuy mistake. Great clearance in the 43rd minute to deny an onrushing Morris. Another last ditch clearance in the 72nd minute. Caught sleeping along with Edwards on the third Seattle goal — unfortunate as he had beat Morris up until that point.
  • Julian Araujo - not sure why he was playing center back on Seattle’s first goal. Way out of position. By miles. Served in a gorgeous squared ball that should have given him an assist in the 59th minute. Prevented a goal with a lunge in the 60th minute.
  • Jonathan Bond - hung out to dry on Seattle’s goals, not much he could do.
  • Riqui Puig - quiet. Welcome to MLS.


  • Samuel Grandsir - pretty invisible until he earned a yellow card for a late challenge in the second half. Pretty invisible thereafter as well.
  • Nick DePuy - missed a clearance in the 1st minute but Séga bailed him out. Marking no man’s land on Seattle’s second goal. His header off a corner generated the Galaxy penalty.
  • Raheem Edwards - bad pass under pressure in the final third nearly gave up a goal in the 21st minute. Caught sleeping along with Edwards for the last goal.
  • Gastón Brugman - left behind by Ruidíaz with some lazy defending on Seattle’s first goal. Served in Delgado with a nice through ball in the 77th minute.
  • Eriq Zavaleta - involved in Seattle’s third goal.
  • Douglas Costa - should not be on the pitch.

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