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LA Galaxy II’s weather-delayed game at Charleston Battery rescheduled to Oct. 20

Los Dos will get another trip to South Carolina.

Courtesy of LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy II had a bye week last week, of sorts, after their game last Friday at Charleston Battery was called off about an hour after the scheduled kickoff time due to inclement weather.

Unfortunately, they made the cross-country trip to South Carolina and were apparently at the Battery Stadium ready to go before having to wait around, then have the game postponed entirely. In the end, the teams did not opt to play over the weekend, and so Los Dos will have a return trip to Charleston for the long-awaited game on Oct. 20, the club announced this week.

The Oct. 20 game means the end of the regular season will be hectic for Galaxy II, with two straight double-game weeks before the final week of the season, the regular-season finale scheduled for Oct. 30.

So the mystery of what happens to the Charleston-Los Dos game appears to be solved, as long as there are no global crises (fingers crossed!) and no inclement weather on gameday again.

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