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LA Galaxy player ratings vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Coach Schelotto should be gone. Yesterday.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at LA Galaxy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The player ratings do not matter at this point, with the possible exception of a very expensive designated player at forward who has not delivered. The LA Galaxy are a lame duck with a coach that needs to be fired.

No one played well against the San Jose Earthquakes. No one. Zero shots at the half (not zero shots on goal, zero SHOTS), 38% possession, and more of the same in the second half with no adjustments.

At this point, that’s on the coach. There are some talented players on this squad, they’ve either quit on the coach, or quit on the season.

The Galaxy should be looking for a replacement ASAP in order to adjust the lineup and make some major changes. The front office should also be under scrutiny as well.

This season is done, and change is needed. Will it happen?

Forget the playoffs this year, I just want some change to help this squad get back to looking competent. That’s a tragically low bar.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto should be gone tomorrow, but I said that last game.

Player Ratings


  • Yony Gonzalez - playing out of position, so hard to say anything.
  • Efrain Alvarez - meh.
  • Carlos Harvey/Emil Cuello/Ethan Zubak - late subs.


  • Sacha Kljestan - misplayed the ball directly to the Quakes on San Jose’s first goal. Looked behind plays and slow.
  • Cristian Pavon - lovely pass to Lletget after an individual piece of brilliance in the 29th minute. Then decided to play hero ball instead of passing.
  • Diedie Traore - giveaway machine, made Lima look like Messi.
  • Julian Araujo - stayed on his man in the 23rd minute preventing a shot. Dumb yellow card for a hand to the face — horrible discipline, and not a good look. Made it worse by lazily trailing his man on San Jose goal #3.
  • Jonathan Klinsmann - good decisions to come out to start the game. Looked unsure on both of San Jose’s first two goals.
  • Sebastian Lletget - sent in a dangerous free kick in the 25th minute. His touch failed him on a beautiful pass from Pavon, sent the ball too long. Sent in the wrong pass in the 35th minute standing in the 6.
  • Daniel Steres - lucky Wondolowski didn’t shoot early on when he and DePuy were both beat by a ball over the top. Critical headed clearance off a corner kick. Another critical clearance of a squared ball in the 37th minute. In no man’s land on San Jose’s first goal. Miserable defending on San Jose’s fourth.
  • Emiliano Insua - inexplicably in the center watching a ball go over his head to Wondo. Didn’t close down his man leading to a decent shot in the 10th minute. Inexplicably given a yellow card to start the second half.
  • Nick DePuy - beat by a ball over the top to start the game, lucky Wondo decided not to shoot. Beat by a heel flick by Wondo in the 11th minute.


  • Chicharito - 4 successful passes in the first half. Total. Two forward passes. Total. 0 shots on goal. Forget that, 0 shots.
  • Perry Kitchen - words cannot express how much he frustrates me when he jogs watching the play develop in front of him. And it happens A LOT. Mistimed a clearance leading to San Jose’s first goal. Bad pass straight to San Jose, and then decided not to close down his man on San Jose’s second goal. He is a walking liability.

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