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In Remembrance: The Camo

“Never forget, always remember”

Have you ever seen The Warriors? It’s an instant classic, but the intro is particularly memorable.

(Of course sooner or later the film’s age begins to show, and in the era of OLED TVs it isn’t long before you’re mumbling to yourself “Jeez those red pleather vests aren’t very threatening are they”)

When the LAFC supporter’s union known as the 3252 stormed into Dignity Health Sports Park wearing camouflage in unison before El Trafico IV, it felt like déjà vu.

For about 90 seconds you were mesmerized by the slow herd of loud chanting fans, and then some of the questions began to arise.

“Why are they wearing camo?”

“Is this offensive?” (Yes)

“Stolen valor?” (Yes)

As Jon Champion reported on the ESPN broadcast, the camo was a play on the night’s theme: LAFC fans were “going to war” in Carson.

I’m not sure they entirely thought it through.

I can smell the Axe from here.


Universally mocked on social media, the stunt went horribly awry and the reaction was swift and merciless. LA Galaxy fans had a field day.

Maybe it was sheer relief after coming away victorious in El Trafico IV, but the joy that followed that match and the many many many jokes had at their expense will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Nice shooting soldiers!