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Murs releases LA Galaxy track


LA Galaxy

Murs eats breathes and sleeps LA Galaxy. When he’s not traveling at away matches or cheering on the blue white and gold, the LA underground rapper is usually trolling LAFC fans.

He’s the real deal: We can assure you the front office isn’t paying Murs to say nice things about the Galaxy, pose in front of fans or wear funny hats.

With a playoff date vs. Minnesota United approaching, locals Atmosphere released an anthem celebrating the Loons and Muse basically went “Hey I can do that, but better”.

We are the city’s foundation when it comes to this sport

The undisputed champs

And we refuse to have our reign cut short

The crest on our chest

We wear with pride

Five-star generals

Ain’t no new recruits on this side

But we know the postseason ain’t all about what we’re accomplished before

We’re ready to get put to the test

To prove we the best

As we continue our quest for more